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Friday, September 26, 2008

SpiritMama's Secrets Revealed! I've been tagged...

Renee from Funky Folky Sculpture tagged me to give away 6 deep, dark, mysterious secrets about myself. So here they are for your enjoyment...just be careful before you make fun, I might tag you next!

1) I prefer to be naked.

2) I have a laundry obsession. I separate my loads into 5 categories:
~fine delicates,
~and underwear/ socks.
No one else in my house is allowed to do laundry because I'm so particular about the above.

3) My biggest pet peeve is "mouth noises". Smacking, clicking, slurping, sucking, and especially gum chewing all drive me NUTS! My 10 year old daughter knows this and uses it against me regularly.

4) I'm phone-o-phobic. I'll text, I love email, but I despise the phone. I often don't answer it and I don't return messages!

5) I'm an introvert disguised as an extrovert.

6) I see space ships. Occassionally.

Now it's my turn to tag 6 people. If you are tagged it's your turn to blog about 6 of your most personal secrets and tag six new people.
And the winners are:

1. Sandy Michelle of Sandy's Creations. Sandy made my awesome banner!

2. Pamela Baker of Magdalene Jewels. We are fellow team members on etsy bloggers.

3. Sassa Lynne of Sassas Etsy Treasury.

4. Ruthie of Rose Works Jewelry. Ruthie has been very helpful as I'm learning how to blog.

5. Tote-N-Tots, she makes fabulous handmade bags. And

6. Lily of TuLips TreasureBox, who sells beautiful jewelry on etsy!


Sandy Michelle said...

LOL...I love your secrets-especially the one about you seeing spaceships occasionally:) I'll have to share my secrets on my blog soon~!


Ragtree said...

Oh my! We have a lot in common! I HATE talking on the phone and I'm such an introvert (but NOBODY believes me when I tell them that!)

Also, I can see why you prefer to be naked as complicated as your laundry is!


Renee :)