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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alistair Iriekins the Happy Rasta Monster

I was given a box of miscellaneous fabrics and trims the other day. I brought it home, set it on my floor, and took a good look at the contents.

It was evident that a monster was living in that box. He just needed me to put him together. He was hollering so loudly that I couldn't ignore him, even though I had other work to do. So I got out my scissors, thread, and sewing machine, and two days later here he is, sitting next to me with a huge grin!

He has dread locks and big teeth, and a long fluffy tail. He told me his name is Alistair, and he feels irie all the time. He is a happy monster, and very loving as anyone can see by the heart he wears on his chest. I wasn't sure about putting a heart on a monster, but he really wanted it. He is good at hanging out, just lounging in bliss most of the time. He's always good for a laugh and a smile. He is silly, he laughs at anyone's jokes (even if they aren't funny). He just likes to laugh.

He's not really religious, although he likes the Rasta culture, so I call him the "Rasta Monster". He laughs when I say that.
Alistair Iriekins is 17.5" from rump to feelers. That does not include his legs. He is a OOAK soft sculpture.

Alistair Iriekins is listed in my Etsy shop:

You can see more of my art and pictures on Flickr:

1 comment:

Ragtree said...

I LOVE him! I'm glad you have a blog now! Isn't it way too cool to write about what you do? I think it gives your work more depth and hopefully gains a little more appreciation! I'm adding your blog to my blog links!

Renee :)