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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My New Ornament

I went to the mail box today, and when I got there, guess who was waiting for me???

Just the cutest little ornament I ever have seen. She came all the way from Pennsylvania, from The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, and I LOVE her so much!!!

She was handmade by Michelle Schafer, a wonderful artist and ADO team member, and I was the lucky winner of this whimsical lady ornie in Michelle's recent blog giveaway. Woohoooo!

Thank you so much Michelle, I love your work and she is such a joy to have around, she'll go in my studio for inspiration, and a reminder of the generosity and creativity of my bloggy sister at Crow Haven Farm!


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

ohhhhhhh she arrived...boy that was fast...I guess the postman/woman did her job! LOL I'm so happy that you love her! I'm very honored that she went to you, my Sister ADO Team Mate and Great Sister all around...enjoy and when you are feeling down, look at her and she will so make you giggle! LOL
Love ya

SpiritMama said...
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SpiritMama said...

Thanks Michelle, I will put her somewhere where i can always see her, she is a cheery one indeed! You rock!

3rdEyeMuse said...

Michelle really is imbued with a large does of creativity, don't you think?!? What a wonderful example of her work ... and to think, it doesn't even scratch the surface!

Congratulations on the win! May she bring you inspiration when your well feels a little dry. :)