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Monday, March 16, 2009

Mama FreeBird Soars into Hearts

Here she is, the lovely Mama FreeBird:

Mama FreeBird is a delight to be around. She is a big lady who has overcome the stigma attached to her largeness, and now her heart is as free as a bird.

Mama loves the beach, dangling her toes in the water, and walking barefoot in the sand.

She is very motherly and nurturing. You'll never find a better listener than Mama FreeBird. She'll listen to your problems and stories all day long!

Mama FreeBird is an art doll and not a child's toy. She is 11" tall while seated.
She is sitting so that her feet can dangle over a shelf or countertop.
Mama's head, hands, feet, and ample bum are made of polymer clay.
The rest of her body is made with wire, batting, and repurposed clothing.

Mama FreeBird was inspired by Nicole Johnson of Mealy Monster Land. She made a large circus lady for our traveling doll project, and I just couldn't get that big round doll out of my mind! Thanks for the inspiration, Nicole!


3rdEyeMuse said...

mama FreeBird looks like a safe lap. :)

Kaerie Faerie said...

Your doll looks like a lot of the ladies in FL, perhaps she should head to Miami Beach for Spring Break.
The detail is amazing!

SpiritMama said...

Hehe, yes indeed, Florida would be a fun place for her :- )

Deborah said...

OMGoodness! I adore her! So happy you left her tarty with her bossom lifted...apparently she is a Victoria's Secret kind of girl!
**blows kisses** Deborah

Mealy Monster Land said...

I love mama freebird and lovely curvy body! she is awesome!