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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nature Walk

 Photo ©SpiritMama
I had the most beautiful walk last evening.

I started out walking on the trail at dusk with 3 Monarch butterflies flying around and above me.

I  looked to my left, where a large doe had just crossed my path.  I watched as her fluffy white tail bounced playfully up and down among the brush.  I had the feeling that she was there for me, calling me to appreciate and glide deeper into my awareness of the moment.

I walked on as the sun was setting and I awakened to a chorus of thousands of frogs and crickets serenading me.  I felt prickly sensations on my skin as the music of the wetlands grew louder and enveloped me as if I was in a cocoon of sound. 

I jumped when I suddenly heard loud rattling like dozens of tiny tambourines at a drum circle. The sun was now set but there was enough light for me to look up and see that a breeze was shaking the leaves of a large tree and for an instant it seemed that I could see each individual leaf as it danced and sang just for me.  The song stopped just as quickly as it had begun and I walked on.

The quiet breeze felt a little warm and a little cool, it was the perfect temperature and I felt as though I was a fish swimming in a gentle stream.

There was no one else on the trail, yet it was alive with the energy of a new night, and as I arrived back home a little toad hopped out of the grass in front of me.  I picked him up gently, feeling his soft cool skin in my palm.  I looked him in the eye and he looked at me.  We shared an exchange of reverence for an eternal, brief moment, and I ever so delicately placed him back where I had picked him up.  

Ahhh, the magic of fall is in the air, and good things are afoot.


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