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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Man Eating Frog Sculpture

I have an obsession with frogs.  I have loved them since I was a child when I would catch unsuspecting tadpoles and stalk full grown frogs in the wetlands.

They taught me to meditate as I would become completely still, blending in with the tall grass, breathing in unison with the earth below my feet.  Gradually a whole tiny dimension of insects, water creatures, and otherwise unseen tiny creepy crawlies would reveal itself to my eyes, and I was in heaven!  It was then that I was able to pounce on my prey.  I always released then unscathed, but sometimes I would walk out of the marshy water with leeches attached to my ankles and feet...yuck!

So in the spirit of my childhood I decided to make a creepy man eating frog sculpture.

"On the remote island of GrotenRa scientists have discovered a giant man eating frog. This frog has the unique ability to swallow a human whole, in one gulp. The frog will then digest the human’s body, however the human’s head and brain is left intact and continues to function inside the frog. The man inside the frog can apparently live for 200 years in this frogified state. It is unknown what effect this has on the human brain. Does the human begin to think for the frog, or does it desire to be free of its captor? "

5" long (head to rump)
4" wide
3" high

This one is for sale in my Etsy shop:

Thanks for stopping!
Waxela (wa-shay-la)

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