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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Way-a-ay-ting is the hard-est part.

Tom Petty said it best, the waiting is the hardest part. I'm referring to being 3 days overdue in my pregnancy, as if 40 weeks isn't enough! I'm beginning to wonder if he's ever coming out!

So I've been absorbing myself in sock monkeys.

Yes, I have no doubt this is a very unconventional approach to dealing with the uncontrollable world of overdue pregnancy. But sock monkeys are my muse and thank goodness for them, they have even been dancing through my dreams lately. At least they keep me smiling!

:- )

Learn more about "Zen Monkey" HERE.

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween...

Is this your first?

Warm Fuzzies 2U. Looking forward to hearing the great news, and all of the details.


SpiritMama said...

I have a 10 year old daughter, so this will be my second (and last).

Thanks Lily!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Adorable zen monkey! I hope you have your baby soon :)

maryeb said...

Oh my, waiting is hard. My first was several days overdue too.
Love the sock monkey, though. I had never noticed how 'zen' sock monkeys could be. Great idea!

uniquecommodities said...

Love the Zen monkey! I need some CALM in my life right about now!

TiLT said...

lol! before I even saw the monkey & just read that you use the sock monkey to cope...all I could think was "Sock Monkey Zen"!! I was right!
And of course he doesn't want to come out...he's all warm & cozy in there :)

agoodwitchtoo said...

Yeah... it's cold outside! Given the option of going out or staying in... I'd have to go with staying all warm and cozy :)

Here's hoping he doesn't choose that option!!

I love the Zen Sock Monkey!

MagdaleneJewels said...

Maybe your little one is waiting for the witching hour to appear. Congrats and Good luck. I would be running up and down the stairs by now!

joeyandaleethea said...

My son was 3 days overdue, and my daughter was 4 days overdue. They're on their own clock in there. Here's to a wonderful labor and delivery!