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Friday, October 3, 2008

Nine Months Pregnant and a New Dress

I'm 37 weeks pregnant. I could burst any day. If you read my post a few weeks ago with the belly pictures, I'm EVEN BIGGER now!

So guess what... My husband's 20 year class reunion is this weekend, starting tonight. I'm going to meet all of these people Brett has been telling me about for years, for the first time tonight, and I'm 50+ pounds over my normal weight. Yesterday I realized I have nothing to wear (my daily maternity stretch pants won't cut it for this event). Brett informed me he's wearing a suit. A SUIT!

I don't want to spend any money on clothes right now. Trying anything on at this point is a sad and self-defeating event. My chiropracter suggested I go as a Jack-O-Lantern, but this isn't a Halloween party!

I was considering my dilema as I ran my errands yesterday. I was at Target when I walked by the maternity section. There was a 75% off rack. I couldn't help myself, I dove in and grabbed every massive maternity dress on the rack!

The dressing room is a scary and comical place at 9 months pregnant. Most of the large dresses fit me like Saran Wrap. However, there was one large maternity dress, all black, knee length, not 100% polyester, that fit. I admit it looks like a tent from the belly down, but I prefer tent over saran at this point. I looked at the tag. $7.48. It's a deal!

I now have a dress. I'll have someone take a picture of me in it tonight any you can laugh too after I post it tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

So happy you found a dress to wear to the reunion. No birth there though!

Pretty prego belly...


TiLT said...

I think the belly looks beautiful. And at least 50 pounds heavier and pregnant is probably more comfortable than 50 pounds heavier & NOT pregnant :) been both - it's true.
Have fun...would he put a pillow in the suit for you?

SpiritMama said...

HA! That would be funny, Tilt...I'll run it by him!

TNT2008 said...

I miss the pregnant belly! Don't you just LOVE it when a stranger says, 'You look like you are about to pop!' :)

Glad you found a dress, I could not stand shopping for clothes while that pregnant...

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Your belly is soooooo cute! I can't wait to see you in the dress :)

Holly said...

Oh Spirit, I understand your pain! My baby is 7 months as of today, and I had a major party to go to at 8 1/2 months myself. It surely wasn't fun.

(And if I'd known, I'd've sent you the dress I wore! ;))