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Thursday, October 11, 2012

DDLM Day of the Dead Cake Toppers

There isn't much I'd rather do than make Day of the Dead cake toppers for my clients.  I get emails full of people, pets, dresses, bouquets, hairstyles, and veils, all to be recreated in the skeletal form. 

I am usually doing this in August and September for the upcoming Halloween and Dia de los Muertos weddings.  I have had a long time fascination with those who choose to have dead replicas of themselves as their wedding cake topper.  Is there an element of tempting fate?  Is it a statement that even death can't separate them?  Whatever they are thinking, I love the quirky unique style of a couple with customized skeletons atop their wedding cake!  Here is a tribute to those beloved clients who have trusted me to create their toppers:


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