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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Robin and Gabriel

We recently had a nest of robins right under our top deck, above our walk out basement, and right above my studio window.  We loved that we could peek through the boards and see the eggs!  

We watched as they hatched and became tiny chirping balls of fuzz.  We watched the parents bring them lots of yummy insects and worms.  We watched as they got bigger and perched on the side of the nest looking down at the world around them.  And we were lucky enough to be home when they were learning how to fly.  

 One of the babies perched on our patio swing and wasn't bothered a bit by us coming out for a closer look.

Gabriel was enchanted with this cute little chirping creature.

He wanted to give it a ride on the swing.

Mama Robin was waiting nearby with a yummy snack for her brave little baby.


Saskia said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!!!

Saskia :)

Barbara said...

How fascinating! Lovely pictures and how wonderful to be able to watch nature close up.

Hugs XX
Barbara said...

lovely experience! i wish i have a chance to observe this too. are robin eggs blue, i really haven't seen one b4?? hehe...

SpiritMama said...

Hi Grace, yes robin eggs are a beautiful shade of bright turquise. You can google "robin eggs" and click "Images" to see lots of examples.