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Monday, November 23, 2009

a Cowboy, a Fairy, and a Skeleton (with a pink bow)

I've been working on a fun project this week.  I got an order from a woman with three children.  Each Christmas she lets the children choose an ornament.  They can ask for any type of ornament they want. This is the order:

1 Cowboy,
1 Fairy,
1 Skeleton with a pink bow (hehe, love this!)

Here are the results:



Melissa said...

What a creative one that third child is! But I have to say that that will be fun to look back on later in years!

DellaRae said...

These are too cute...the pink bow skellie is my favorite!

laterg8r said...

wow, i love that skeleton, so so cute :D

marena321 said...

Wow, The dolls are too cute. I like this type of skeleton. They are awesome in a word.
And Thanks for your nice creative and rich blog Post.
Best Regards
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