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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh I had a Little Chicken, and we did the Monster Mash!

Today was a good day to try out Baby G's Halloween costume.

At least I thought so, Baby G may have had other ideas. 
Hehehe, isn't he a cute little chicken?

It just makes me want to sing...
"Oh I had a little chicken
and he wouldn't lay an egg..."
You know the tune right?
Except it's really not appropriate here.

But we CAN sing
The Monster Mash!
And we can dance to it too...
Here is my family doing the monster mash...

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My daughter is the narrator, My hubby is Frankenstein, I'm Frankenstein's Bride, Baby G is the vampire, and my mom is the werewolf!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Abi said...

LOL - what fun! and yea, your lil babe looks soooo cute in fancy dress! :O)

Splendid Little Stars said...

cute costume!
I read your comment on Nico's blog about the fried treat, and you had me laughing. I just had to come over and say "hi!"

laterg8r said...

hysterical - what a cutie baby chick :D