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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tagged again

I’ve been tagged by UniqueCommodities to share 7 secrets. Because I’ve been tagged before I will not tag new people, but I will share some dirt:

1) My favorite color is purple.
2) I never watch scary or violent movies because I have nightmares if I do.
3) I feel naked without earrings and I almost never leave the house without them.
4) I hate cooking, I burn everything (including myself) when I do cook.
5) My favorite food is Thai food. I could eat it every day.
6) Last night I broke the toilet seat when I sat on it. This did not help my self-esteem :-(
7) I'm 5 days overdue to have my baby today, and although I'm a very patient person (usually) my patience has worn out. I'm going to a friend for "bring on the labor" accupuncture today!


uniquecommodities said...

Thanks Spiritmama! Great to get to know you!

Anonymous said...

Great new blog!

Baby, baby, baby...

TNT2008 said...

First, I like the new banner.
Second, I also cannot watch scary movies.

Go for a walk!! Even my OB told me to walk with my first.